Funding Grant Awards

Riverside Fire & Rescue has been awarded two funding grants for compliance upgrades to our fire equipment.

Funding Grant for fire attack nozzles
The Firefighter Support Foundation has generously awarded $5500.00 to the fire district to replace 8 nozzles used for fire control. The nozzles we are currently using are almost 20 years old. The Firefighters Support Foundation receives no government assistance. Funding is accomplished by private donations from concerned citizens and businesses, as well as fundraising activities.

More information on The Firefighter Support foundation can be found at




Funding grant for fire attack hose
The Puget Sound Energy Foundation has generously awarded $5000.00 to the fire district to upgrade 40 sections of fire hose used for fire control. Fire hose has a life span of approximately 10 years, we’ve manage to stretch that to nearly 15. The Puget Sound Energy Foundation is dedicated to keeping our communities safe and prepared where PSE serves and operates.The Foundation is focused on promoting public safety and emergency preparedness. The foundation uses no public payment money for awards, all funding is from an endowment fund specifically used for the use of the foundation.

More information on the Puget Sound Energy Foundation can be found at

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Riverside Fire & Rescue is accepting bids for SCBA cylinders. The board of commissioner have authorized a competitive bid process to be opened from February 16 2018 to March 2 2018 at 1700 Hours. For information on the bidding request please visit the link below. 

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